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Jussi Capital Ltd

Jussi Capital was founded in 2008 and is owned by Jorma J. Takanen and his family. Family assets are originating from industrial activities in which family has been involved for more than 40 years. Family members continue to be among the biggest owners of listed contract manufacturing company Scanfil Oyj, which split off from Sievi Capital Oyj in 2012.

In 2014 Jussi Capital launched a special share issue to family members where family members converted their Sievi Capital shares to Jussi Capital shares. As ownership rose to over 50% of Sievi Capital, Jussi Capital was obligated to launch a public tender offer to all shareholders. Sievi Capital plc is a subsidiary of Jussi Capital.

The company is owned by three generations of Takanen family. The company is aiming to preserve and create value over generations.

Our investments


Corporation ownership 70.0%

KH-Koneet website

Indoor Group Oy

Corporation ownership 52.9%

Indoor Group Oy website

Keliber Ltd

Ownership 3,2%

Keliber Ltd website

Jussi Real Estate Ltd

Ownership 60%

Jussi Real Estate Ltd website

Suvanto Trucks Ltd

Corporation ownership 67,2%

Suvanto Trucks Ltd website

Enedo Plc

Ownership 18.9%

Enedo Plc website

Sievi Capital Plc

Ownership 43.39 %

Sievi Capital Plc website